Canine Academy provides top-notch dog obedience and agility training classes.  It is located in Atascadero, California in San Luis Obispo County on California's Central Coast.

The Academy is owned and managed by Eileen Harnedy, a woman with a life-long interest in dogs and extensive experience in dog handling in competition and in the classroom.  Eileen personally directs most classes in obedience and in agility. She is assisted by a talented array of experienced dog handlers/teachers.

Training of dogs and their handlers is offered in a group class setting.  Class sizes are kept small to allow for individual instruction and problem solving.  The owner/handler is considered to be the most important link in the owner/dog relationship.  These classes enhance owner/dog communications and assist building of strong, lifelong bonds.

The Academy stresses throughly teaching the dog what we do want with reward based training before correcting behavior that we don't want with fair, humane methods.